Penn Sylvan...

is located in southern Berks County just minutes from the Lancaster County line, in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch Country. We are only 7 miles from Turnpike exit 22 and 8 miles from Turnpike exit 21. We're also located near many scenic and historic attractions including Maple Grove Raceway, The Pagoda, Ephrata Cloister, Hopewell Furnace, Crystal Cave, the Reading Museum, Penn's Commons, the Daniel Boone Homestead, Hershey Park, Reading's famous outlet shopping centers and a whole lot more!

Why in the nude?

You may be asking yourself, "why do all this in the nude?" When you take off your clothes, you'll feel a freedom of self, an openness to others and lightheartedness of spirit that you may not have thought possible. Obviously, we at Penn Sylvan believe that nudism fosters a wholesome, natural attitude toward the human body. But beyond that, nudism is probably one of the best relievers of stress caused by our maddeningly paced society and culture. When you're nude, you're no longer a lawyer, a fry cook, a housewife, a mailman, a doctor, a teacher, an executive or a factory worker, you're a human being among other human beings, all sharing in the commonality of the nudist experience. Thus, social and economic barriers come down. There is no pressure --- only the pleasure of total escape from the roles of the outside world.

Equally important is that when you visit Penn Sylvan, you will be a part of a fine group of happy members. The kind of people who will make you feel welcome and "at home." The kind who will make it difficult to leave and very easy to return.

We hope you'll plan a visit very soon --- and become part of the ever-growing family of Penn Sylvan people.

What are the rules?

Penn Sylvan is a family-oriented nudist resort. Membership is cordially extended to families and couples, as well as to singles. Naturally in keeping with our family orientation, we're looking for people of good moral character. Please ask for a copy of the rules when you arrive.

What's it all about?

The dictionary defines nudism as "the practice of living in the nude state", and that's exactly what it is. See, nudism isn't such a scary word. In fact, it's a fun word and a healthy word, especially for your family. If you were born nude you'll love being Penn Sylvan People.